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The Christopher W. Keyser Scholarship provides financial support to students working towards a career in the legal field. The scholarship is awarded once each year and students must submit an essay for consideration.



The Christopher W. Keyser Scholarship


Keyser Law, P.A. created the Christopher W. Keyser Scholarship to provide financial support to students working towards a career in the legal field. Our law firm strives to positively change people's lives by advocating for them during their most important and significant challenges. Great students will someday make great advocates, and we hope this scholarship program supports that endeavor. Students interested in applying for our schoalrship must meet certain criteria and submit an essay.

How to Apply

Applicants must write an essay between 2,000 and 3,000 words on one of the following topics:

-  Police conduct is a divisive issue in our country. Do you think police officers should wear body cameras while on patrol? Do you think this will better serve the community? Explain your answer. 

-  There are millions of undocumented persons living in the United States. Should the U.S. Government grant legal status to these individuals, or deport them? Explain your answer.

-  Do you think our criminal justice system is too hard on defendants? Should mandatory minumum jail sentences be higher or lower for certain offenses such as drug crimes, gun crimes, or DUIs? Explain your answer. 

Applicants must email their completed essay as a WORD DOCUMENT to along with a separate cover letter only including the following information:

-  Full name
-  Mailing Address
-  Telephone Number and E-mail Address
-  College or University currently attending
-  Anticipated graduation date
-  Current Major

Applications can also be mailed to Keyser Law, P.A. at 400 South Fourth Street, Suite 806M, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415.

Who Can Apply?

Any undergraduate student enrolled in a four-year college or university program in the United States with an interest in the legal or criminal justice fields may apply.  Applicants must major in or actively pursuing a degree in one of the following areas of study (proof from the college or university must be provided upon request from the scholarship committee):

-  Criminal Justice
-  Pre-Law Studies
-  English
-  History
-  Political Science
-  Journalism
-  Communications

Application Dates

Applications for our scholarship are currently being accepted. Completed packets must be submitted no later than July 31 each year.

Scholarship Award Amount

The scholarship award is $1,500.00. 

Selection Process and Notification

The scholarship committee will review all applications and notify the winning recipient via email by August 31.


Please direct any questions regarding the scholarship to

Past Scholarship Recipients

2015 - Brea Childs, New York University 
2014 - Matthew Van Grinsven, University of Minnesota